Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 June 2009

If missionary medical covers it, then I'll see the Doctor, if not then I'll have a blessing... I can't pay for it, I'm poor now, just on bikes I've spent a ton. And I don't want you guys to pay for it. Transfers are a week from tomorrow, and a change would be awesome!!Tonight we're speaking in front of a group of teachers for the great and abominable church, just a friendly discussion on the basic beliefs of each of our churches.

I'm sorry dad that I didn't send a father's day card. I wanted to go buy one, but my companion said it would be a waste of time and wouldn't go with, so I couldn't go. He is a bit sour because his dad left their family when he was young, so he calls the holiday worthless, and I was kind of mad, but I knew you'd understand, and know that I love you. I got a CD of pictures burnt, which I'll have to go by the post office to send to you guys sometime.

So what's the news there? Oh and Happy Birthday Eliza! Did y'all do anything fun for that?? The cool guy who took us out to dinner last week got my bike fixed, and he bought us each a $200 pair of shoes made by ecco. He's such a nice guy!

So are the Schetrompf's permanently in San Bernardino?? Hey is Chelsea doing alright?? she being crazy still or has she calmed down?? She went with you guys to the temple, so I guess thats good. The temple is awesome, I'm disappointed I can't go next week because it will be shut down for cleaning. Chick-fil-a is way good, we get it every once in a while because there are members that work there. The whole chain is owned by members too.

John's home, thats so crazy! What if I'm jealous? lol So have you guys got any offers on the practice?? you thinking about moving still? keep me filled in.

You know they dont let families go in in the mtc anymore right? Man, well the baptism was great, we should have a couple more coming, but no funny stories, other than we taught in Panera Bread this Monday. Hey you guys... I dunno what else to tell ya! I love ya and have a great week.



Story time! we were tracting, and this guy runs to grab a cigarette before he answers the door, and blows us off, so we figure, oh well, normal response! We keep going for about 20 more minutes, and we turned around from a door that we got know response from. This guy pulls up in his car and says, hey mormons, come here. So we go to talk to him. He says, Ive been trying to find spirituality in my life, and praying for the right path, and this voice came to me in my head from God telling me that he just sent the truth to my doorstep. I had to find you guys!

So we talked to him and we had an appointment in 15 minutes, so we just gave him a book of mormon, our number and a restoration pamphlet and invited him to church. He couldnt make it, because he had an inspector coming to liscense his add-on or something, but he will go next week, and we teach him tomorrow i think! exciting news. Well thats the only good story i have... haha! love ya

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