Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 June 2009

the computer deleted my email... I'll try and send a snail mail letter!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I had written a long email on an express internet terminal at the library because all of the computers were taken and it deleted my email when I clicked send. I wanted to throw the monitor. Hopefully I'm not late to dinner because I still want to write.
I'm excited for Justin, he sent me a letter and I guess Bishop Anderson is taking him to the SLC temple and to the MTC. It'll be a good experience for him.
Is the lady that noterized Elizas papers on campus Glennzora Rogers in Facilities, because she was authorized to do so? She is a funny person, I miss working there.
So I found out that there are som bike mechanics in our ward, so I need to call them and have one of them tru my wheel. I don't know if I trust Sports Authority's mechanics anymore.
Today I went to the 5:30am session at the temple, and then out to breakfast at some diner with a member and then I played basketball and volleyball from about 8:30 to 1:30.
I'll keep Gma and Aunt Kathy in my prayers, tell them I love them.
So I really can't write much more, because we email out of the mission and I cant be late to dinner. Thanks for the priesthood line. I'll try and write more in a normal letter I guess!


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