Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 August 2009

E. Thomas is out of here and excited. Its a slow area and its a little rough sometimes, but its all good. I'm sorry to hear about Jason Florez. My condolances to their family. That would be such a hard thing to deal with.
So if you sell John the car, I can't use it when I get back! :( hahaha Oh well.
I hope to be picking up the work this next week, I'm hoping for a newer companion, the ones that are about to go home don't want to work much.
I'm getting another new rim for free from sports authority and they are going to see about ordering me a higher quality rim, but anyways my order should be in in a day or two.
WE are teaching PMF (part-member families) mainly, but thats good. We have one baptismal date with Melinda, but they postponed her wedding, so were gonna have to push that back this week too. I'm worried about them, but I'm hoping for the best. Her fiancee, if I haven't told you is a member, they're living together and have a baby girl, he's 21 and she's 19. She cut our hair just recently too, but I ended up redoing the sides. But it was very nice.
Other than that we need to tract more and find more people. Especially in the apartments, we have those here unlike in Highlands Ranch, I had so much fun tracting in apts with our district leader on exchanges. It was way quick from door to door too. So Eliza leaves on Friday??? Really?
Thats so crazy to think. I'm excited for her, but dang letters will be expensive to send to her now.
I am glad Cathy's Birthday was a nice experience for all of y'all. Anyways, I hate going to stores and restaurants, because there's like always Country on and it makes me miss listening to it. Joseph Nashville Tribute isn't real country! lol But its the best I got.
A recent convert wanted to show us the Zac Brown Band CD, and it was soo tempting! I liked the couple songs I heard of theirs before, so I imagine it would be great, but I knew if I listened to it, it would be stuck in my head. haha
I still want to know what John does for work. Its not secretive is it? I'm just wondering, bc I haven't been told yet.
News for this week? I am helping a non-member move out of the ward and into another ward with their missionaries. He specifically requested to have the missionaries help, so that should be good. Other than that I need to make more appointments with less actives in the ward and tracting... That's the life of a missionary here though.
I miss naps though. that is something y'all are incredibly lucky to have.
Well anyways, take care, I love you! Hopefully next week will bring more exciting news with a new companion. I hope we teach a lot more, because I feel like I'm getting rusty, but I'm definately ready for the new experience. Hopefully he'll be as personable and easy to get along with as Elder Thomas too tho. He's by far the easiest to get along with out of all my companions.

Love ya,

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