Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August 2009

I'll pick out a scripture and send it. I didn't know I'd get a plaque, since I'm not in the ward and we might be moving. Thats cool though.
Last week not too much happened... we paid for a bus ride, emailed and realized that you need a reservation to tour the mint, so we'll do it sometime in the next few weeks. We shopped some of the shops out here and I got a new casual belt, bc mine was falling apart.
This week has been an awesome experience though. I am once again working hard, which is fun, and leaves less room for homesickness, but it is tiring to go from not doing much to working all day. We have been going through the former investigators and trying to figure out who moved and who we can teach. And before I get into that, we had Zone Conference on Monday, and it was probably one of the most uplifting ones I have been a part of. It was themed around Joseph Smith's First Vision. We talked about teaching for understanding, teaching and inviting for baptism early on and throughout, about making daily contact with our ward mission leaders. It was a good thing overall, I like to feel the situation and just be more cool and less blunt, but if thats what President asks for, thats what he'll get. We also had a training on how things take work, and we had someone talk about how to get a world class athletes body by exercise or by silicone implants to make it look like you have the muscles. And how everything good takes work.
Then the three Zones split up and talked about some rules. Our Zone Leaders were mistaken on some, I've learned to never trust the Zone Leaders on anything, always go higher up for clarity. They told us that we are to wear our suits at all times no matter what the temperature may be and we can take off our coats if its hot, but we need to have them on for appointments.
I don't like that and one of my friends in the other zone heard something different, so I call the Assistants yesterday and asked what the real rule is. Which is under 75, unless theres precipitation, in which case we can wear slacks and a coat, we are to be in suits. Over 75 we can wear slacks if we're tracting or we have no set appointments, but we are to always wear suits at scheduled appointments, which is easy... just throw the suit on in the car before we go to teach someone. So I was glad, that's a lot easier to follow.
We also have been stopping by a lot of former investigators houses and we have found a lot of them moved which means we call and if they dont have that phone number either, we terminate the record. We stopped by an old lady's home and talked to her. She says she knows the church is true, but doesn't like some of the people. We talked more and helped her clean out her garden because the hail ruined some of her plants. So in return we got a ton of fresh tomatoes, and four huge acorn squash and our members are going to show us how to cook the squash. We have a return appointment tonight.
We were going to make some visits at some apts by the community college out here and I have made a resolve to talk to everyone I can. So I turn to my companion and tell him we need to talk to these two nineteen year old guys. He told me to go ahead and I initiated conversation. They asked why we were so dressed up because we were in our suits, so I explained what we do and asked what it would mean to him, being raised catholic, if he knew there was a prophet on the earth today. He got excited and we had a half hour conversation, and he gave me his address and phone number so we can teach him, and of course we invited him to read and pray as we always do!
Exciting things are going to happen this transfer! And this is the first comp I have had that cleans up after himself too, its awesome.
It will be a good thing. I hope all is well back home, and I hope that you guys are missin me. :P I got to go, but I am finally getting my second suit's pants fitted, so I'm excited. Well take care tell everyone I say hi and just know that I love you!

Elder Stevenson

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