Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 August 2009

How are you guys. I'm in downtown Denver right now. We're going to tour the mint after we email. It should be fun. I do like my new companion so far. His name's elder Hunting and he's the on I replaced in Highlands Ranch when I got trained. He's been companions with Elder Mayes and Elder Thomas before, so I know a bit about him. We are workign hard and I am excited to see what will happen this transfer. We need to get people to progress, I'm also excited to tract and contact more again. The more I do that the more I realize people are the same and want the same things, for the most part. I love to talk to people and get to hear their stories. It's a fun experience.
I need to write you guys some snail mail letters so I can send you a few pix. I also wrote Bishop Anderson yesterday since you put his address on my letter for Eliza... haha So what's the deal there? I thought she had already left, but I guess that's cool if she's going to stay. She'll have a step ahead of most of her buddies there.
So anyways, with how thing are going I'm kind of scared for the next couple transfers just because its a pretty high probability I'll be in the mountains this winter and freeze my butt off. Let's just hope and pray its not Craig, negative 40 does not sound at all appealing.
Keep the people of Lakewood, CO in your prayers and hopefully some of them will be able to soften their hearts to hear the gospel.
Well I hope all is well in San B... I hope things work out for John at his job, and I really hope all works out with dad's sale of his practice. You guys are awesome!

Love ya,

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