Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 October 2009

Speaking of smiling... both my retainers are broken. I am going to talk to a dentist in the ward hopefully who can get me some impressions and either send them to you guys or have them made or something. I was hoping you'd be online so I could instant message you about it, but I'll just have him call you guys...
So what's the news? Hows dad's work? You guys enjoying yourselves? I don't mean to sound harsh, but about the comment of people being rude to Eliza, it happens everyday. It is ridiculous how many churches preach against ours and how many people still act like they are in Junior High. It is just something we have to cope with as missionaries. I've just had to learn not to respond to just smile and ask if we can give them a hand with anything, and leave it at that. Which is a good attitude to have in a state where everyone is allowed to carry an unconcealed weapon. I had to learn that in my first area... just to react as Christ would and let it roll off your shoulders, otherwise I'd be miserable everyday.
So as far as investigators, the only real people we are working with are Brett and Melissa. They have had two lessons and absorbed those like a sponge and we've read a couple chapters with them from the Book of Mormon. Its great. They are going to get baptized I'm pretty sure. They have expressed interest, and they have awesome fellowship. But we're introducing them to some other members of the congregation, because the ones they've met are on a 2 1/2 week vacation. So we'll be doing that tonight. Our mission Presidency is doing a presentation on the 20 lessons program from Elder Perry, which was introduced in San Bernardino before I left, because I'm serving in one of two stakes in our mission that has not yet implemented the program. I have learned that you need support. One missionary can make efforts to make things happen, but in that case they'll fall apart! So this will be wonderful.
We also tracted into another Melissa who recently moved here. Shes a chiropractor and she understands the Plan of Salvation. When we asked her why she thinks God sent us here her response was: Well my belief is a lot different from most Christian religions... I believe we used to live with God as angels. We came to this earth so we can feel and learn and have a flesh body and prove ourselves. So we explained our belief and how they paralleled and we are going to meet with her again next week.
I love serving with my companion. It feels like we're brothers. We're asked all the time if we're twins too... hahaha
Life has been ok! I love being a missionary. Monday I had a 24 hour flu which was complete hell. I didn't have strength to stand up or to do much of anything. I laid down all day and the next day my back was in so much pain! So I took 1000mg of Advil after going to print some pictures and buy groceries so I wasn't lying down anymore, and after an hour or so it felt good. Which is good, because we had bunk beds delivered from the mission yesterday and had to set those up, because our room is tiny! And we helped some members move a big screen into their house too. That was easy though it was on wheels. \
Have you ever seen Denver style curbs? They're not square like the ones back home, I don't know if I ever told you this, but they're like a ramp from the sidewalk to the street in all the residential areas, and in some commercial areas, its way nice when you're biking, but Its lame for people who learned how to drive here, because they always park on the sidewalk.
So we are finally getting mid week coordinations going!!!! YAY. Elder Perry of the 12 and Elder Funk of the 70 told our mission pres that mid week coordination is essential to have success. So we'll build off their promises and keep working hard.
You are still saving letters for me right?? I hope so! We had our first snow on Saturday! yay It was freezing, but we still tracted for 4 hours, and taught 4 lessons. We made 12 full lessons for the week, but most of them are members, probably only 4 were nonmembers.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

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