Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 October 2009

So two questions, how close to you were the fires in Southern California, and how close were the mudslides in Italy to Eliza?
Conference was AMAZING. The whole Saturday seemed to be all talks that you could copy and ask investigators to read. The priesthood session talk by Elder Ballard was hard for me though. It made me think of Dad and all of the time we spent talking as I grew up, and even though I was a jerk half the time, I thought about how much I learned from you guys and how much I love and miss you. It really made me think a ton about home and was hard to get past especially since we had zone conference on monday, and didn't get to work hard to clear my mind, but its all good.
Zone Conference was great, lots of testimonies were borne, we had a lot of weird training videos on driving safety and dinner ettiquite, which I didn't think would be a problem until I came out. Most the missionaries completely suck at driving, I now know why they have the backing rule. haha We also got the golden hubcap award, which is an award for the people with the cleanest car and we get 100 extra miles for the rest of the the transfer, which is awesome. You know how I am about cars being clean though! haha
I loved Elder Holland's talk. Just like last conference he blew me away. It was such a strong testimony and definately a highlight of my weekend.
I am glad to hear that the practice sold, but that's gonna be weird, I've know that as "Dad's Office" practically my whole life. I'm proud of him though for doing what he wanted to do and excited for the opportunities, so I may have to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona if you guys move... haha
We got to go and listen to the temple president speak and we did initiatories at the temple today. It was wonderful to hear the promises, covenants and blessings which I had forgotten since back home.
A funny story. We have really bald tires on the front tires of our car right now. Our "Car Czar" suggested that we have them rotated on the mission account at Discount Tire to the rear of the car. We went to have them rotated kind of laughing because snowy season will start any week now! The tire expert told us he will not touch those tires other than to replace them. We had him talk to the mission guy and he told him to leave them how they are after the Discount Tire rep told us and him that it was a safety hazard due to fishtailing. I figured that from day one, but some people aren't so intelligent. We talked to the old Car Czar, who happens to live in our ward, and he told us to wear them for a couple weeks then go to discount tire, and have them tell the Car guy that they're below 2/32 on the inside treads, whether they are or aren't, because thats what the manual provided by the church says, he said we need new tires ASAP and said he'd talk to the new car guy and see if he could get him to change his mind.
We are teaching an awesome family right now. We paired them up with wonderful fellowshipping and they are just absorbing what we teach. The mom works for a member and was raised non-denominational, and the dad was raised Lutheran, and they are looking for a church that gives answers, not just tears you down when you have inquiries. And they like how the mormon church has set doctrine and knows what they believe. We just taught them the PoS (no, no, no... it means Plan of Salvation) hahah. And they have been very open, we're gonna have him tour the church, and they're planning on going to church on Sunday.
Hey, I love you guys. I'm excited for President's interviews on Friday, and I'll remember to pray for you guys, please do so for me too. I need it! ;)

Love ya all,
Elder Tom Stevenson

PS that was really cool for you to give them that cross stitch. I knew how much that meant to you. I know Robby is smiling to see that, because he's got a better perspective, I'd assume. And he is looking at our family right now I think and proud to be your son, and proud of what we're doing. You're a great mother to have, I couldn't ask for a better one! I have seen a lot of what you've sacrificed to get us all where we are today, and I thank you for it. Can't wait until a year from the end of December, when I'll get to come home and give you a big hug, and probably turn around and go to school a week or so after. Always remember to smile! It changes everyones day and attitude, most especially yours.

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