Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21 October 2009

Hey y'all,
Hows life? Things are going great here, yes all the leaves are falling and we are getting snow as we speak. Its beautiful, but its been cold. My companion has been sick with a nasty cold, and I pray I don't get it, because I would be very sick having asthma on top of that. I can tell its getting cold again... my lungs tell me that... but I think I'm good on inhalors for now. I talked to the dentist out here and the he wants to get in touch with you guys and his lab tech and get something worked out for retainer. I don't know if he's called you, but I did give him dad's Cell number.
So Melissa and Brett are doing amazing. They came to church for all three hours on Sunday and loved it. They are going back next week and going to a potluck at the Bishops house, and to the ward halloween party, and shes going to the Relief Society Super Saturday. We have some awesome fellowshippers for them too, and we're going to try and get them to go to a baptism this weekend too. We taught them a third lesson on Monday night and it was great! He has all kinds of great questions, and surprisingly enough, we had good answers for them. He has also asked fellowshippers some questions, and he says he likes how the members here understand the Bible. he says he hated growing up and going to his church with all the sunday christians and where everyone referred him to the minister on questions he had, or changed the subject.
The Melissa that's a chiropractor is super busy, because her boss is out of town. So she set up an appointment for about a week from now and is really excited to meet with us.
We also ran into a less-active sister that should attend the other ward, who had just moved in, and she came to church. We asked people to introduce themselves and sit with her, and she ended up sitting on the back row alone. I was pissed! She left promptly after sacrament, and no one really talked to her or welcomed her. Thats why we only have people who keep being taught and progressing in the second ward and not in the first. Oh well though.
I bought me some vaccuum seal bags to pack with because I figure I'll be leaving in two weeks, and it will just make things easier.Dont want to have to shove things in my bike box like during the last move. haha
Well life is good, I hope these wards will implement the 20 lessons program though. We worked our butts off last week and got a whopping 10 lessons. Oh well. Life is good, and we're trying our hardest. Even if I have to push my companion to work. President better give me a newer missionary, because I'm getting sick of being with one whos about to go home. At least my last companions didn't have a countdown to the days, and say how many days they had left all the time to all kinds of people.
Hey I love you guys! And mom, have a great birthday! I was supposed to be eating antelope meat on your birthday, but the guy who invited us over is an attorney and had to go to Salt Lake on business. I love all the game meats we get out here. :) Its supposedly so much more if you serve in the mountains. But I think I gotta go. Have a great week, know that I love you guys, and talk to you later!


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