Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 November 2009

I'll be in this area for 6 months and with the same companion for 4 1/2. Haha. I did get impressions taken of my teeth, now that I know I'm staying, we can explore our options with Dr. Wood. This email may be short today too, because the library is packed and I could only reserve half an hour. I can never think of too much to write in half an hour.
Well you spoke about snow days... we dont usually stay in on those days, only on P-days or sick days. Our mission never shuts down for weather, we're not allowed to drive on snowpacked or icy roads though, so the storm days are not fun. But you just gotta keep working hard. Its nice how sunny it is in Colorado, we can have 2 feet of snow one day, and two days later it will have melted! Good stuff.
Brett and Melissa are still progressing. We taught them the word of wisdom and they committed to live it. He said, "That's easy, all I gotta do is throw away my coffee maker!" They are too good to be true. We talked to them about baptism, and asked them to think about a date they'd like to. Its awesome. We're gonna help them get an oak desk from her office today too, so she can telecommute, so that will be great for their family. It will buy them some time together, since she won't be on the road as much. They are also starting this thing where they'll read a chapter from the book of mormon or bible at night, and if they miss it, they have to clean up dog poo in their backyard, and if its done then they have to help a neighbor out with something the next day. It's a cool tradition they just decided to start up!
Well I went to the temple today, and bought some more garment bottoms. I had bought six and then got four today, because my old ones were coming apart at the seams (the fabric is like deteriorating??). Well the new ones feel a ton better too, but I think the tops are fine. Life is good. So you know what would be a good Christmas present? Can you guys get me a new set of blades and screen for my electric razor? I can get you the number/website, and parts code next week if you're ok with that! Also, christmas music is approved, so can you send me Louis Armstrong, and maybe some other fun Christmas CDs? That would be cool too. By the way, thanks for the package. I was so excited. It came on Halloween and we were told to get in after our dinner appointments on Halloween, so I got home at 730 and it was a pleasant surprise. I also enjoyed the time change with the extra hour of sleep. hehe
So how's life? You planning on staying in San Bernardino?? Or are you guys looking for a place closer to dad's work? We just got 17 new missionaries who flew in today (with only 5 going home) and 7 of them are from California! yay... We don't get like any Utah missionaries, because we're too close to it, but the most of our mission is honestly the west coast states.
Well I should probably get going. But I do love you guys, and I hope all is well. By the way... I'm read the gospels a couple of times, and now I'm reading Acts, and there is so much you can use to teach from that book... Its wonderful. i need to pick up on Jesus the Christ again too, I've only read about half that book.

Love ya,

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  1. Love you Tom. Sounds like you are doing great work.