Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12 November 2009

Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday

How are ya guys?
Things are great here. I love being a missionary, and being a district leader will be a great thing this transfer. I feel like I am getting to know the missionaries in my district better each day. We have a district goal of 13 baptisms for the transfer, and EXCITING NEWS!!!!: we set Brett and Melissa with a date for the 29th. We have been finding new people, and it seems like we have an appointment with a non-member every night of the week right now, which is a step up from the first 4 1/2 months here. I love it here, and am excited to see what will happen this transfer.
As for me and my companion, we get along most of the time, but neither one of us are scared to tell each other the things that are bothersome, so we are overcoming our differences. Life is good. I just conducted my first district meeting, and it was fun. I am going to try and make them a lot less boring and redundant than previous times.
We are starting to gain the trust of the wards, but at least in the one ward, still not their full support. They can say that they lack experience and training, but that is a BS excuse, we've had a mission presidency member train the leadership twice since I've been here, and the bishop, ward mission leader and other leaders decided not to go. Well thats the beautiful thing that came with the fall right? (agency)
So story time. I stopped by on exchanges with our Zone Leaders on Saturday, and we had taught Tithing and the Word of wisdom to Brett and Melissa, and they were very receptive we found out. They set apart 10 % of their paycheck for the week and drew out a budget for how it might work. He also said he only had half a cup of coffee that week, when his dad came over, but he felt so bad he dumped the rest down the drain. They're awesome. She also told us she'd be baptized tomorrow, but she can wait until the end of the month for her husband to be ready. It'll be great.
Zone Conference is next week. YAY It should be great! And the kid we baptized a little while ago, his dad is getting into addiction recovery, so he can be baptized.
Well guys, I miss ya, it's rough to see the Christmas decorations all over in the stores! I makes me think of good times and smiling faces back home.
Oh and about the hair clippers... they do work, we just have a lady who offered to, and knows how to, so I figured I'd let her.
Life is crazy! The swine flu isn't as rampant here as it was anymore, half the students at some of the schools here were home sick a month or two ago. I'm glad Cathy is feeling better. And what about the fort Hood shooter? A Major with Al-Queda ties??? Thats scary. How many other people that wear our country's flag are traitors? It's hard to believe. it is the last days though, we knew things were going to be like this before we came to this world! it's gonna be amazing to see what knowledge comes back to us after we die, how much will just click??
Well take care, be happy, and have some fun!

Until next time,
Elder Stevenson

Get to call you in a little over one month! yay!

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