Thursday, November 19, 2009

18 November 2009

Well I'm glad all is well back home! I loved this week so far. We get to knock doors and throw some snowballs and have a good time. On Saturday it was interesting, and I got to go on exchanges with a kid in our district. We have a freaking lot of hills in our area, and when it started snowing that little Corolla wouldn't make it up them. So I had to go downhill and take the car home and park it and we were just going to walk, but we had some members who were looking out for us and gave us rides to our nighttime appointments. I was glad to go on exchanges with him, because he's been going through some hard times lately. We were in the same district in the MTC, he was one of those uber-obedient missionaries, and had a very anal trainer, and then he got burnt out I think. You always have to have a balance of work and fun, and he did all work and now is doing all fun, so I am setting some goals with him prayerfully, asking Pres for advise at interviews, and just being his friend, and hopefully we can get his morale up a bit. And I am giving an awesome training on how the atonement causes change and setting some goals with the district next week! I'm excited for that.
I had Zone Conference on Monday, and it was on our purpose and it was highlighting the purpose of "Inviting others..." instead of "...baptism..." which rubbed me a bit better than last time. A missionaries purpose is not to baptize! Were that so most the missions in the state would be a failure. Ours is one of the highest performing. We get the most new investigators per week in the states, and compared to the average for the states, 1 in 3 with a date get baptized, as opposed to 1 in 8. We always have over 50 baptisms per month, so with the feelings missionaries get here then that would cause me to conclude that all the missionaries in the states are failures if the largest part of our purpose is to baptize. But enough of my ranting.
The devil is working on Brett and Melissa, their whole family has had a nasty flu, and Brett just got it. Melissa had excruciating pain and went to the ER and is having her Gallbladder removed on Friday. We'll be bringing their fellowshippers to give her a blessing on Thursday night.
Life is good though. We keep finding people, and keep trying.
I am still in Lakewood, probably won't be in 4 weeks, it'll be six months and four and a half with the same companion. i have been a district leader for 2 weeks, to answer your question, and I love it. It's so great to challenge missionaries to stretch and to work with them and really get to know them. Everything is great!
Its so crazy that Thanksgiving is next week. Oh my goodness, time flies! I remember being at Vicki's last thanksgiving with you guys, and it's already here. If I don't watch out it'll seem like tomorrow when I get on a plane back to ONT and get to tell all kinds of funny stories.
Well I think I gotta go. I only have like two minutes left online.
I love you guys, and I'll try and get an hour next week hopefully so I can write more.

Take care,
Peace, Love, and Prosperity,
Elder Stevenson

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