Friday, October 2, 2009

30 September 2009

Whats up all? I'm down by my old turf in Littleton (just above Highlands Ranch) because we drove our district leader down here to pick up his car, because it has been trashed by previous missionaries and got all new brakes and suspension.
So how is everyone. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties in selling the practice... We'll just pray everything goes smooth from here on out.
So you know that whole 20 lessons a week program that was announced at home before I left? It is "in effect" here since the day I came here, but the wards haven't done anything. We are jumping on our WMLs backs to get lessons, because we have no one to teach and we need member families to teach so we can get referrals. We only taught 4 lessons last week and so far we only have two this week. Tracting is a horribly ineffective finding method! No worries though. We tract and OYM every chance we get... we're doing our parts, we just need help finding people to teach who won't bail on us or give false phone numbers. It's frustrating, but I guess life as a whole is frustrating, so just get over it and do your best right?
Well one of our lessons on Monday actually was a was a very spiritual lesson. I haven't had a lesson like that honestly in like four months. We tracted into this couple a few weeks back, she has had an interest in the church from workign around members. We taught the lesson and the spirit was strong and they absorbed like a sponge. He said it cleared up some concerns and preconceived notions from his Luthern background. It was awesome. And we had lots of participation and to top it of we got to eat rib eye steaks with them.We found them an awesome fellowshipping family and are trying to get them to watch some of Conference.
Today we met some members at one of two Jack in the Boxes in Colorado, so I was way excited to get a shake. I have definately missed those.
Other than that we tract a bunch, door to door sales would be a very boring job. We got to help this guy move the other day and it was awesome. He was gonna load his truck on his own and we helped him get all the big stuff and he told us he will forever remember our kindness. The funniest thing is that he was gonna carry his queen sized bed up the stairs and to the van by himself (not a good idea). But its wonderful to be able to serve. We don't do much service anymore, because nonmembers dont trust us and we are told not to help members with service, because they have hometeachers for that.
We had the best sacrament meeting of my mission on Sunday. A primary program. Simple truths of the gospel with simple testimony. All adults should stick to that guideline also. We need simplicity in sacrament meeting, no deep or false doctrines PLEASE! For the sake of our investigators, meetings like that are honestly a nightmare, but it happens too often. We have been working with the ward on that, and we talked to the leadership, which it helped that we had a bishopbric member in the meeting at Gospel Principles, because we've got an old guy teacher and have had to correct false or otherwise unapproved doctrines, and he gave counsel to a recently active member who has issues with tithing. We tried to channel it in and explain that between her, the Lord and the Bishop. It turned into a discussion, once again a nightmare, and the bishopric member walked in corrected the problem bore testimony and ended the class. I talked to him after and he said they'll get us a new teacher by Sunday hopefully, if not by the next week. He turned to me and said, "you know what I like about you elder stevenson? You actually talk and get things done, and you follow-thru always! Its good to have missionaries who actually work, and do what they say they'll do."
So anyways, its been an eventful week. We got chewed out by president who told us to talk to our WMLs and if it doesn't get resolved and we don't get more lessons then he'll call. I'm excited to see if things will actually happen. Well General Conference Saturday and Sunday, and Zone Conference from 8-230 on Monday. Too much sitting if you ask me! But it'll be awesome.
Take care you guys... I love you and I will keep you in my prayers.

Elder Stevenson

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