Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 July 2010

Hey you guys!,

I'm Staying here in Evergreen and keeping the Vibe for a 6th Transfer. The APs were joking with me that I should just drive it home in December. haha Elder Chapman is leaving. One of the Assistants is a good friend of mine, and I got a lot of information out of him. He told me the new mission president was very impressed with me and wanted to put me in leadership which I don't like the sound of. But apparently my new companion is a leadership call. Its a newer missionary that has been struggling with things and needs a new perspective and he felt that I was just the missionary to do it. They told me that if i ever need anything at all to call them but it should be interesting. The missionary that is leaving me right now was one of those cases technically too, but that's just because the other missionaries he served with treated him like crap.

Other than that I'm pumped. We have a combined ward now, so we're going to get ward missionaries. Then we have three baptisms coming up. One on the 24th, one one the 31st, and one on the 7th. So three Saturdays in a row, hopefully we can get them fired up by that. There is so much potential here. One of my big pushes with the mission is going to be to get us living more in the middle of our area, so we can be more available to work the whole area.

So I was wondering what we'll need to do. My debit Card expires in September... I'm thinking about buying a CD Player that plays MP3 CDs So I can listen to all kinds of scriptures and talks from the church website and just download and use them to help me study. You can fit a ton on MP3 CDs, So I'm Going to do that. I got all of preach my gospel on 12 audio CDs, but It would be nice to have it more compressed. So That will help me with Study, because some days its just hard to focus!

Life is good. Idk what else to tell ya, but thanks for the shirts. It's nice to have some that are actually white again. I am going to go play mini golf today! YAY

Well I love ya tons and we'll see ya soon.


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