Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 July 2010

How are you guys? It has been a good week. Lots of teaching and tracting, but I was kind of down yesterday to be honest. On Monday we met our new mission president and he is a great man. He used to be a regional CES administrator in California and knows Brother Andrews and the old guy that left. He told me that I will be flying home exactly one transfer early which will be New Years Eve and that he thinks it will be an amazing thing to get back into school right away and merge back into the real world quickly. He said he wouldn't have it any other way. My interview was very long. hahah He asked me a lot of questions. He asked me about old areas. And he wrote Buena Vista under my name when I told him I served there... He also asked my companion, you've been here six months right? That means I can trust you to stay in the area a while longer, right? So I think I may be driving out there on Thursday of next week when transfers hit. I think I might be moved then, but my address now is:

Elder Thomas Stevenson
c/o Marshall Family
29812 Troutdale Scenic Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439

and the office is:

Elder Thomas Stevenson
999 E. Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

I'm also scared by other things that were said in the interview. The new President told me that he sees tremendous potential to lead in me and that he can feel that I have a strong spirit, and he told me he looks forward to learning from me. I kind of was confused and asked, "From ME?" and he said yes from you Elder. I am not quite sure what to make of that statement. Any thoughts?

We are trying to find rides and have them for every evening, but we need to fill in a day too. Otherwise even working closer to home we'll probably be about 30 miles over. But in their own words, oh well, they'll just have to deal with it. hahaha Plus next week is transfer week and the miles reset then, so I'm not too worried if we go over. We'll try our best to make it happen, but I do feel kind of bad, because if we don't find rides, there are a couple of referrals we'll just have to postpone visiting until next week. We will do what we can though!

I am also sick of living on the edge of our area, where most the dinners are about 40 miles away and we have to get rides to dinners and are at their mercy to leave. I am going to be in touch with the housing coordinator and whoever our ward leadership will be and figure something out. That's another funny thing!! Our wards are shrinking and we have had stake presidency members there almost every sacrament meeting, and on Sunday we have a "special combined sacrament meeting" with the whole stake presidency and an area 70 there. hmmmmm So I am making a gross assumption that it will all be one ward on Sunday, but we will find out soon enough.

I can't wait until next week when I know whats going on.

We are bumming a ride down to Golden today and playing some sports, so I will have a chance to let out my agression, so I'm pretty excited. Life is good. I miss you all and hope all is well back home. I love you and I'll see you guys in less than 6 months! :P I'm going to try and make picture CDs to send home.

Love ya,

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