Monday, July 5, 2010

26 June 2010

Hey I just thought I'd fill you in on a bit more from my week. My brain was like total mush on Wednesday...

So we found out one of our investigators only has a couple weeks to live. That is a rough thing to hear, and his family convinced him he can be baptized by anyone, so one of the churchs that gave us hell in Lakewood sent a preacher up and he was baptized in his bathtub. That is so rough to see when they have been taught about authority and all and especially where he's a goner.

Other than that we are starting to work with some new people. One of the funniest stories, we were going to talk with some people at a park and hopefully find some people there and I ended up climbing in a tree and teaching a girl a lesson in a tree and we got her number and will be teaching her a bit more. She has a unique story... She is living with some friends of her mom, her mom took off when she was young because her dad was a alcoholic and cocaine addict, and she was basically left to raise her sibilings in Kansas and her dad abused her, and still wanted her to go to church, so she was previously turned off to religion. She came out here to escape drinking, which is funny because everyone drinks here, but we'll let her live in her bubble as far as that goes. So hopefully that will go somewhere... she deserves a new start.

Other than that its the same old grind. We have been getting more dinners with less actives lately at our own initiative, just because no one signed up this week. At least we have 15 names, even if they havent contacted them like they're supposed too. haha So we'll just see what comes from it.

Other than that life is good.

Well tell everyone I say hi. I was thinking about it and i feel kind of sad that no one from your ward or my ward even writes me. I got that christmas letter which was pretty cool, but other than that nothing... Well i hope all is well in the land of a million dreams. You all have a great week and we'll talk soon.


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